We live in a world where many people are more concerned with appearing good than with actually being good.
The Scribes and Pharisees during the time of Jesus were the kind of people that falls into that category.
Jesus’ chief criticism of them was , they didn’t practice what they preached. They obeyed the rules not to honour God but to make themselves look good.
But which of us can truthfully say that our deeds match our words all the time. We all from time to time fall short.
We say as Christians that we follow Jesus, but we do not live by his standards of love.
The challenge to us is to try as much as possible to let our actions match our beliefs. Let us refrain from putting on an outward show, or pretend to be what we are not. Let us be true to what we are – God’s daughters and sons.
May the Lord help you shun all falsity and pretence.
May you live a life of genuine goodness and grow in love and compassion.
So, Lord grant that what we say with our lips, we will believe with our hearts, and practice with our lives.
Have a fruitful week.
With every blessing,

Venerable Prebendary Tunde Roberts