All of us have some experience of the road to Emmaus. It is the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, where the risen Lord joined them, explained the scriptures to them and revealed himself in the breaking of the bread (Luke 24:13-35).
That road represents the road of disappointment, failure, sorrow and broken dreams.
I pray as you journey this week, that the risen Lord will journey with you and your family. He will strengthen your faith and renew your hope.
His resurrection will open all your stories to the prospect, not just of a good ending, but of a glorious ending.
The Lord will bless you with the gifts of courage and integrity. You will know God’s consolation in times of sorrow, and God’s help in times of difficult.
May the risen Lord fill your hearts with joy and make you courageous heralds of his Gospel, this week and always.
Have a magnificent week.
With blessings,

Venerable Prebendary Tunde Roberts